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This page contains worksheets, flashcards, links and other educational resources to support children with dyslexia.     


The word 'dyslexia' in Greek means 'bad', 'pertaining to words'. Dyslexia is a malfunction of the brain's ability to interpret sensory information. It is popularly known as 'word blindness'. Indications of dyslexia in children include:

  • Difficulty with reading and spelling.

  • Reversal of numbers and letters.

  • Difficulty remembering the alphabet, multiplication tables, etc.

  • Confusion with letters such as 'b' and 'd' or words such as 'saw' and 'was' or 'no' and 'on'.

  • Poor concentration.

  • Difficulty with left and right.

  • Difficulty ordering events.

  • Poor sense of direction.

  • Lack of self confidence.

Dyslexia Links

Adult Dyslexia Organisation  -  Information and resources for adult sufferers of dyslexia.
British Dyslexic Association  -  Information sheets, local helplines and publications.
British Dyslexics  -  What is dyslexia, education, advice and links.
Dyslexia A2Z  -  Information and advice for anyone with an interest in dyslexia.
Dyslexia: Diagnosis and Support  -  Information for teachers gathered by Rita Wright, a teacher who suffers from the condition.
Dyslexia Institute  -  Charitable organisation supporting the assessment and teaching of people with dyslexia.
Dyslexia Institute Scotland  -  Support and teaching for dyslexics in Scotland.
Dyslexia Online  -  Online magazine offering information on and resources for dyslexia.
Dyslexia Parent's Resource  -  Information and advice for parents.
Dyslexia Teacher  -  Resources and advice for educators.  -  A guide to teaching children with dyslexia.
DYXI  -  An internet portal for dyslexics by dyslexics. Offers information, support, friendship and products.
I Am Dyslexic  -  Web site for children with dyslexia created by a dyslexic child. Includes information and stories.
International Dyslexia Association  -  Resources for professionals and families dealing with dyslexia.
Making the Alphabet Work  -  Ideas, products and publications for those involved in educating children with dyslexia.
Welsh Dyslexia Project  -  Information for parents and educational practitioners.

Recommended Special Educational Needs Book

Activities for Including Children with Language Difficulties and Dyslexia (Special Needs in the Primary Years)

Authors:  Hannah Mortimer, Eileen Jones

Synopsis:  Recognising and understanding children's special needs can be tricky. Accommodate children's varying requirements in everyday teaching with inclusive activities to develop the children's skills across the curriculum. Covers all areas of Special Educational Needs. Practical ideas for everyday use. Ideas for working with parents and outside agencies. Ideas for inclusion and differentiation. Photocopiable activities included.

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Also Available:  Speech and Language Difficulties (Special Needs in the Early Years)  

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