Worksheets and resources to support the teaching and learning of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Early Years, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.



Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

This page contains free worksheets, flashcards, online activities and other educational resources to help teach Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to Key Stage 1 and lower Key Stage 2. Some of these are based upon the QCA Schemes of Work for ICT.

I.C.T. Worksheets and Resources

Resource Name Type Resource Name Type
1A - An introduction to modelling (Y1) QCA 1B - Using a word bank (Y1) QCA
1C - The information around us (Y1) QCA 1D - Labelling and classifying (Y1) QCA
1E - Representing information graphically: pictograms (Y1) QCA 1F - Understanding instructions and making things happen (Y1) QCA
2A - Writing stories: communicating information using text (Y2) QCA 2B - Creating pictures (Y2) QCA
2C - Finding information (Y2) QCA 2D - Routes: controlling a floor turtle (Y2) QCA
2E - Questions and answers (Y2) QCA Sources of Information worksheet Word
MSWLogo - Download a free LOGO programming language here! HTML Ideas for using LOGO at Key Stage 1. HTML
Music Box 2 Chord Worksheet (1) PDF   Music Box 2 Chord Worksheet (Blank) PDF
School Email Contract Word ICT Statements for Pupil Reports HTML

Links to I.C.T. Websites

Association for ICT in Education  -  Support and resources for ICT coordinators and ICT specialists.
British Educational Communications and Technology agency (BECTa)  -  Organisation promoting the education of ICT skills.
ICT Advice  -  Advice and resources for integrating ICT into the curriculum. Includes 'How to...' and 'Inspire me...' sections as well as an A to Z guide.
MAPE  -  Organisation supporting the use of computers in primary education. Includes a set of free online and downloadable activities.
Welcome to the Web  -  Introduction to the internet for Key Stage 2 pupils. Includes sections on browsers and searching.

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Selected ICT Books

ICT Key Stage 1 (Learning Targets)

Authors:  Alan Rodgers, Angella Streluk


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Also Available:  Key Stage 2 

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