Design and Technology (D.T.)


Design and Technology (DT)

This page contains free worksheets, online activities, links and other educational resources to help teach Design and Technology to Reception, Key Stage 1 and lower Key Stage 2.

Free Design and Technology (D.T.) Worksheets and Resources
Resource Name Type Resource Name Type
  HTML 1A - Moving Pictures (Y1) QCA
1B - Playgrounds (Y1) QCA 1C - Eat More Fruit and Vegetables (Y1) QCA
1D - Homes (Y1) QCA 2A - Vehicles (Y2) QCA
2B - Puppets (Y2) QCA 2C - Winding up (Y2) QCA
2D - Joseph's Coat (Y2) QCA    D.T. Report Statements HTML

Links to Design and Technology (D.T.) Websites

Design Technology Department  -  Materials and resources for teachers and pupils.
Technology Links  -  List of D & T related websites.

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First School Years - Design and Technology Resources for Primary Teachers