Worksheets and other educational resources to support teaching and learning about Christianity in Early Years, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.



This section contains free worksheets, flashcards, online activities and other educational resources to support teaching and learning about Christianity in Early Years, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.  Some may be useful when delivering QCA Schemes of Work for RE units RB: Who were the friends of Jesus?, RC: Who was Noah?, 1B: What does it mean to belong in Christianity?, 1F: What can we learn from visiting a church?, 2B: Why did Jesus tell stories?, 3C: What do we know about Jesus?, 3D: What is the Bible and why is it important to Christians?, 5C: Where did the Christian Bible come from?, 5D: How to the beliefs of Christians influence their actions? and 6E: What can we learn from Christian religious buildings?     


Christianity stems from the teaching of Jesus Christ in the 1st Century. Christians are divided into various groups or denominations who vary slightly in their beliefs and practices. Christian denominations include Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Protestant, Methodist and United Reformed.

Christians believe in one God who created everything that exists. They believe he came to Earth as Jesus Christ, suffered and died in order to show his love for, and become a closer part of his creation.

Christians believe that by having faith in Jesus and by living in accordance with his teachings they will be rewarded with everlasting life in heaven.

Christianity Links

Association of Christian Teachers  -  Organisation promoting Christianity in schools and providing support for Christian teachers.
Beantown  -  US based site offering stories, crafts and puzzles.
Bibleland  -  Comic book style Bible stories. Requires a Javascript enabled browser.
British Antiochrian Orthodox Church  -  News, articles, missions, school resources and links.
Catholic Online Saints & Angels  -  Biographical information about each Saint.
Catholic Teacher's Gazette  -  Database of teaching vacancies in Catholic schools in England and Wales.
Children's Bible Stories  -  Colourfully illustrated stories from the Old and New Testaments.
Children's Bible Study  -  Animated stories, facts, maps and printable activities.
Christian Aid  -  Christian-based charity combatting poverty and injustice regardless of race or religion. Includes news, details of campaigns and a "learn zone" for teachers, youth leaders and children.
Christianity for Children  -  Child-friendly text and illustrations covering Jesus' life, Jesus' teachings, beliefs, celebrations & festivals, denominations, symbols, the bible and clergy.
Church Schools  -  Subscription based service offering resources for Christian schools and teachers.
The Methodist Church  -  Information about Methodist beliefs, news, prayers and links.
The United Reformed Church  -  General information, churches, projects, articles and links.
Virtual Church  -  Includes prayers, hymns, sermons, bible stories and a children's section.
Seeking God  -  A selection of worksheets and lesson plans for Key Stage 2.
Stockport Christians in Schools Trust  -  A selection of Key Stage 2 Christianity lesson ideas.

Selected Christianity Book

Visiting a Church (Start Up Religion)

Authors:  Ruth Nason

Synopsis:  This brand new addition to the Start-Up brand has been created specially to support the Schemes of Work for Religion at KS1 and lower KS2. Each book covers different aspects of religion, and the part it plays in people's lives - the basic belief of different religions, the places of worship and sacred texts that are used. Key words are highlighted in the text and repeated in the border, to help reinforce the new vocabulary, while teacher's notes explain how to use the books and suggest further activities and useful websites. An ideal introduction to religion for young children!

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