Worksheets and resources to raise awareness of bullying and how it can be prevented.


The charity Bullying Online has recently set up The National Bullying Survey 2006. This six month project aims to find out the extent of bullying in UK schools. Click here


This section contains free worksheets, flashcards, online activities and other educational resources to raise awareness of bullying and how it can be prevented.     

Anti-bullying Worksheets and Resources
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Anti-Bullying Links

ACE: Tackling Bullying  -  A downloadable pack giving details of what you can do if your child is being bullied at school.
  -  Articles and advice for parents, teachers and children.
BBC: Bullying  -  Links and resources from the BBC.
Bullying  -  Advice, teaching ideas, statistics and links.
Bully-Off  -  Site dedicated to stamping out bullying.
Childline Teachers' Pack  -  A set of photocopiable lesson plans covering issues such as peer pressure, making new friends, loneliness, begin friends, staying safe, school problems and family rivalry. Designed for Key Stage 2 but can be adapted.
Childline: How to beat bullying  -  A range of anti-bully documents in PDF format.
Hertfordshire Grid for Learning: Bullying  -  A selection of resources to tackle the issues involved in bullying.
Kidscape: Anti-Bully Downloads  -  A range of downloadable documents concerned with the prevention of bullying.

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Selected Anti-Bully Book

I Feel Bullied (Your Feelings)

Authors:  Jen Green, Mike Gordon

Synopsis:  Written for young children, describing what it feels like to be bullied. The book looks at different forms of bullying, including physical violence, name-calling and intimidation, and suggests ways of dealing with bullies. It is one of a series, intended to help children deal with emotions they experience in their everyday lives; and contains notes for parents and teachers, with suggestions of ways to promote an understanding of disability, through discussion and role play.

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