ICT statements/comments for end-of-year reports.



ICT Report Statements

This page contains ICT statements to help teachers complete end-of-year pupil reports. The statements are categorised to make them easier to browse. For a prinatable (PDF) version on the comments below, click here.

General Statements

enjoys working with ICT
is becoming more confident/independent in his/her use of ICT
is becoming more adept in his/her use of the keyboard
has not yet got the confidence to use ICT independently
needs to become more adventurous in his/her use of ICT
is working considerably below/slightly below/at/slightly above/well above the level of ICT expected for his/her age
recognises the importance of ICT in everyday life
is able to describe some of the everyday uses of ICT
has used ICT to develop knowledge and skills in a range of curriculum areas
is not afraid to try things out
confidently uses ICT as a cross-curricular tool
likes to experiment with software, trying out unfamiliar features

Word Processing

is able to enter text into a word processor and, with support, manipulate it in a variety of simple ways
is becoming more confident/independent in his/her use of word processing software
is able to use a word processor to create, edit and improve written work
is beginning to make decisions about font type, colour, size and style when working with a word processor
is able to write and edit work on a word processor, changing the font type, colour, size and style to suit his/her requirements
is making steady/good/very good progress with his/her word processing skills
is able to insert clip art or other saved artwork into his/her word processed documents
is beginning to use some of the more complex functions of word processing software
is able to use word processing software to manipulate text in a variety of ways


is able to send and receive web-based email
has created an address book to save time when sending email
is able to identify some of the advantages and disadvantages of email over other forms of communication

The Internet

is able to navigate simple websites and, with support, use them to help research a given topic
uses internet browsing software with confidence
is able to navigate the internet independently, using simple browser features such as the 'forward' and 'back' buttons
is able to use a search engine to help research a given topic
is able to scan web pages for information that is relevant to his/her needs


has explored real life and imaginary situations through computer-based simulations
has used computer-based simulations to solve problems

Art and Design Software

enjoys using ***** to produce computer-generated art
is beginning to use some of the more complex functions of our art and design software
makes good use of the zoom function to add extra detail when producing computer-generated artwork
is able to use art and design software to manipulate images in variety of ways
has used art and design software to produce some quite pleasing artwork

Control and Programming

is able to use the programming language LOGO to create a range of simple shapes
is able to use sequences of instructions to control devices and achieve specific outcomes
is able to give instructions to control simple devices


is becoming more familiar with the Windows operating system
is able to manipulate files and folders within Windows

Music Production Software

has used music production software to explore patterns in rhythm and melody

Last updated:  11th April 2006


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