Design and Technology (DT) report statements.


Design and Technology (DT) Report Statements

This page contains DT statements to help teachers complete end-of-year pupil reports. The statements are categorised to make them easier to browse. Please use our contact form if you have any useful statements we can add to our list.

Developing, Planning and Communicating Ideas

uses features of familiar products in his/her own designs
is able to discuss his/her designs and suggest improvements
communicates his/her designs verbally or through simple pictures 
uses labelled sketches to develop and communicate his/her designs
needs to give more/is beginning to give/give consideration to the techniques, tools and materials available when designing items that he/she will later produce
is becoming more detailed in his/her designs
is able to create a simple/detailed plan describing the materials, tools and techniques he/she will use in order to construct his/her design
designs are usually quite neat and easy to interpret
is able to communicate his/her designs verbally but they can become somewhat difficult to interpret when he/she puts them onto paper

Working with tools, equipments, materials and components to make quality products

is able to manipulate simple technological tools safely
is becoming more adept in the use of a range of technological tools
is able to assemble and join materials in a variety of ways
has made models using a range of methods and materials
is able to use most simple technological tools independently
uses/beginning to us his/her knowledge of the properties of materials to choose suitable materials for his/her work
is able to explain why he/she chose specific tools, materials and techniques to make his/her model
considers hygiene and safety issues in his/her DT work
works well on collaborative DT tasks
shows an interest in the way that things work
has developed skills in food technology
is able to adapt their designs as problems are encountered
has produced models from given criteria using a variety of construction sets
makes good use of finishing techniques to improve the appearance of his/her work
tends to create his/her models using trial and improvement. The final product often bears little or no resemblance to his/her original design

Evaluating Processes and Products

is able to discuss his/her work and suggest improvements
is able to express views on the quality of a product in terms of the way it looks and how well it meets its intended purpose
tests his/her work in order to identify ways in which it could be improved
takes pride in his/her work

Knowledge and Understanding of Materials and Components

has learnt how to use certain shapes and structures in his/her designs to add strength
has used construction sets to develop his/her understanding of mechanisms

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