Worksheets and resources to support the teaching and learning of prefixes and suffixes in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.



Prefixes and Suffixes

A prefix is a group of letters added before a word or base to alter its meaning and form a new word. In contrast, a suffix is a group of letters added after a word or base. This page contains free worksheets, online activities and other educational resources to help with prefixes and suffixes.

Prefixes and Suffixes Word Lists (PDF)
anti- de- dis- ex- mis- -ly
pre- re- un- -ful -less  

Prefixes and Suffixes Links

BBC Skillswise: Prefixes  -  Factsheets, a game, quiz and photocopiable activity from the BBC.
BBC Skillswise: Suffixes  -  Factsheets, a quiz and some photocopiable activities.

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Recommended Word Level Books


New Bright Ideas: Phonic Fun (Ages 5 - 11)

Author:  Jillian Harker, Gary Swift (Illustrator)

Synopsis:  A set of very simple to use activities that slot easily into your existing teaching. Chapters include 'Exploring Sounds and Patterns', 'Exploring and Using Rules', 'Practicing What I Know' and 'Games and Puzzles'.

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