Worksheets and resources to support teaching and learning about compound words in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.



Compound Words

A compound word is a word made by joining two or more existing words, e.g. something, everybody, etc. This page contains free worksheets, flashcards, online activities and other educational resources to help with compound words. Compound words form part of the National Literacy Strategy for Year 3.

Compound Words Worksheets and Resources
Resource Name Type Resource Name Type
Compound Words Word Bank PDF Compound Words - Walk the Plank IOA
Compound Words Worksheet (1) PDF Compound Words Matching Cards PDF
  PDF Compound Words Memory Squares IOA

Compound Words Links

QUIA: Compound Words  -  An online matching activity.
NGFL-Cymru: Compound Words  -  Teachers notes and some compound words worksheets.
Crickweb's Flash Studio: Compound Words  -  An online interactive matching activity and worksheet.

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Recommended Word Level Books

Learning Targets for Literacy: Spelling: Key Stage 2/Scotland (Learning Targets S.)

Authors:  John Jackman

Synopsis:  This work contains: clear sections on all the main elements of spelling that the age group needs to know; 93 well-structured copymasters for all the main spelling rules Links between spelling and handwriting throughout. It includes a helpful guide to spelling methods and rules, word lists for spelling, and also a special photocopiable spelling log. It also contains a term by term curriculum for spelling linked to the National Literacy Framework.

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Also Available:  Phonics and Spelling Key Stage 1  

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