Story Starters & Narrative Writing Ideas


The following ideas can be used to inspire creative written work:

  • "An Unlucky Day" - Imagine a day when everything goes wrong. What happens? (Could be linked with superstitions or Friday 13th)

  • "A Tall Tale" - Tell the children an incredibly tall tale about what happened to you on the way to school that morning. Children can use this as a starter for their own tall tales.

  • "The Door"  -  Imagine that a door is discovered behind the wallpaper in your bedroom whilst your mum/dad is decorating. Where does it go? What adventures do you have there?

  • "The Day That I Became Famous" - Imagine that you become famous. How does it happen? What is it like to be famous?

  • "Planet ......" - Ask the children to imagine and write about a planet that, for them, is the perfect place to live. What would it be like? What things from Earth do they like and would they keep on their planet, e.g. food, animals, places, etc. What things would they not have on their planet?

  • "The Town Where Nobody Smiled"  -  Write a story about a town in which nobody smiles. Beginning: What are the people like? What is it like to live there? Middle: What happened to make everybody sad? Ending: Does something happen to make the people happy again? What?

  • "Trapped!"  -  Write a story about a character or some characters that become trapped in some way, e.g. in a cave, down a hole, in a fire, in school after everybody has gone home, in a trap, in a cage, etc. How do they become trapped? How do they get out again?

  • "A Day in the Life of Daft Derek"  -  Daft Derek is not very clever. What daft things does he do throughout his day? (The children may need help distinguishing between daft and clumsy.)

  • "It Wasn't Me!"  -  Write a story where something bad happens and you get the blame. What happens? Who really did it? How do you end up getting the blame? How does it all turn out?

  • "The Lie"  -  Write a story in which you have to tell a lie to somebody. Why do you have to tell a lie? Who do you tell it to? Does it grow? Do you feel guilty? Does something else happen so that you get found out or regret telling it?

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Last updated:  30th September 2006


First School Years - Story and Narrative Writing Ideas